Monday, May 12, 2008

How will I survive???

These primaries are stressing me out!! I promised myself not to immerse my mind into politics (reading articles, chatting w/ friends, thinking about it) until there is a clear Democratic Presidential nominee. I'm not kidding!! I'm boarding anxiety attacks!! I do have a conspiracy theory though and it comes from one question: Why Has Hill not dropped out yet? We're talking here about a smart woman, Ivy league educated. I mean, can tenacity lead to stupidity? She must know what she's doing or else something is cramming behind the Superdelegates doors. Here is the thing: none of the remaining candidates for the Democratic Party will be able to gather the 2025 for them to lock out the nomination, thus it comes back to our dear superdelegates. Despite their very public endorsement for either candidates, they can change their minds at any given time. Maybe she struck a deal w/ some of them. The key/most influential ones will try to ally some of their subordinates behind her. The D-day will come the Superdelegates will cast their votes and the difference between the winner and the non-winner will be a 1, 2 votes, maybe more but a single digit number. That way if she is nominated, there will be no way to accuse the party of racism. A simplistic but brilliant plan, if not, what's her strategy? What is she up to? I have my theory, what's yours? Now, I'm going on a hiatus and I'll be back after the final results.

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