Friday, October 14, 2011

A Balanced Life: Good Food, Good Friends, Good Sex

     I went for my annual the other day and was surprised to see that I've gained 6 pounds since last year during my last visit. I still wear the same size of clothes and my diet has not changed much. This got me to think: what is that I've done differently? What changed? What were the factors?
     Looking back, I can easily connect the dots and answers these questions with no ambiguity. I got to see my whole family this year: dad, mom, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, nephews, in-laws...everybody. One of the best occasions allowed me to gather with friends that I hadn't seen in over a decade.
     As for the food, like I mentioned earlier, my regimen has not changed much if at all. I don't drink, unless it's red wine much less than a full glass and during a special circumstance; i don't smoke, nor do drugs. However, one of the best foods I've been eating, it really surpasses my broiled fresh tilapia, is the Word of God. I've started this year with the challenge of reading the Bible in its entirety. So far, I've read the New Testament 3 times, still going through the OT, I'm re-reading the books of Solomon before attacking the prophets. One phenomenon I noticed is that, I just want more of God in my life, every aspect of it. For instance, not too long ago I had been struggling with unforgiveness, but every time I read the Gospels, I'm just confounded by Christ's love for us and I tell myself if He's been able to forgive me (and I had done worse to him), I sure can forgive my foes.
     Another instance, in the buying of a first house a specific criteria was an upper room that would be dedicated to prayer and/or spiritual retreat. This permanent consciousness of God constantly guides my path and the choices I make.
     Last but not least, sex!! Good Christians also have good sex. This is such a fascinating experience of all earthly beings that even the "sons of God"* wanted to partake in it. The French Current versions refers to those "sons of God" as  "the inhabitants of heavens." There is nothing more depressing or stressing than being married and not having sex. So, here it's how it goes. If you're married and love the Lord Jesus, you must have good sex. That's all.

Tresorly Yours,
Tresor de Beaute

*[Genesis6: 2,4]

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