Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 - Weight Loss-The New Diet

I never start my new year resolution on the first day of the new year, always a month or two before.
This way, by the time new year starts I'm already well-established in my new routine and more focused to reach my goals.
New year resolution 2013, I decided to lose some weight that I packed on the last two years. Hence, I came up with the perfect diet plan. I know it's perfect because today, December 31st 2012, I just lost exactly one third of that weight. When it comes to weight loss, I only got one motivation: I used to be lighter and loved the way it felt and I want that feeling back!
If it is not clear, I'm referring to weight in dollars not in pounds!
Although my motivation steers more from a personal satisfaction, I've gathered biblical precepts to give us a good grasp on why it is important to our Lord for us to be debt free:
  1.  Being debt free frees us to love one another: Owe no one except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law. [Rom 13:8]. As my mentor says, No one admires the one they owe (Dr. MM), may it be an individual or an institution. 
  2. Evil men borrow but do not repay their debt [Ps 37:21]. Evil can also be as subtle and less obvious as not paying back what we owe. I sure don't want to be an evil person at the eyes of the Lord.
  3. Being debt free, restores our trust unto the Lord: Every time we take on debt, we basically tell the Lord that we do not trust his providence, therefore we take the matter onto our own hands.
Although Debt is not a sin, it's a weight (David Oyedepo). Moreover, the borrower is a servant to the lender [Prov22:7]. And if there's one who qualifies for my servant-hood, it's nobody else but my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 
Now the question is How do we lose weight? How do we get out of debt? The first logical answer is: by paying it off.  When the widow came to Elisha, he told her "Go sell the oil and pay your debt" [2Kg 4:7]. 
  1. Each paycheck, I set aside 10% amount, the tithe which represents God's part of my income. It's a way for me to Honor Him with and tell Him Thank you for everything in my life: the air I breathe, my family, our health, our well-being, our income,  our ministry, the enjoyments of life...everything.
  2. Then, I attack the credit card with the lowest amount owed. Since my goal is to pay it off in one year (you can set yours to six months or less), I divide the total by 24 (for an average of 24 paychecks) to see how much will be required per paycheck to reach my goal.
  3. I ask the Holy Spirit, determination to stay on target, wisdom on how to get through and make it, and peace for to each day its burden so I will not carry yesterday load onto the present.
  4. I reward myself: I don't spend what I do not have but I open the credit card account and enjoy the shrinking balance.
That's my diet, I've tried it and it works. Let me know of a successful diet of your own.

Happy New [Resolution] Year 2013!!

Tresorly Yours,
Tresor De Beaute

Friday, July 27, 2012

Shouting the blessings of the Lord--Part II: A Detailed Account of My Laid Off

  Before I get into my mold breaking, I would like to expand a little bit on the necessity of shouting your blessing:
 - First, you bring honor to God by recognizing Him as the author, the One who made it possible, for every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights*. Tell him Thanks if you have an income while unemployment is at all time high 8%. Tell Him thanks if you have a roof over your head and are current on my mortgage while your neighbor just foreclosed. Tell Him Thanks if you haven't set your foot inside a hospital building. Tell Him thanks! if you haven't been involved in an accident. Tell Him thanks, thanks and thanks!
 - Second, you open the door to more, and to success. As my mentor, Dr Mike Murdock, says "The Thankful always succeed".

     Now my mold breaking. It all started in January after two series of prayer and fasting, one launched by our prayer group and the other a 21-day fasting and prayer launched by our church. I came out of that refreshed, ready to tackle the year with a new attitude.  I had a solid plan: finish my MBA (it was my last semester) then look for another job, finally pour myself into one or two personal projects.
     The 2nd week of February 2012, the hammer fell. I got axed. Along with at least four hundred people, we were shown the door, holding in our hands our little goodbye package. It wasn't a pink slip, rather a white envelope. I had a class presentation in the evening and was wondering if I'd be able to keep my cool.
Sadness set in and lasted for the entire week-end and nobody could get me out of it. Then panic took hold of me, how would I pay for my bills? when will I find another job? How long will it take me? Where will it be?
When I caught myself worrying about all that, I wondered how I could worry about a tomorrow that's never guaranteed? That's how panic left. Nevertheless, I frantically applied for jobs everywhere and anywhere I could. Surprisingly, nothing panned out although I'm in a field with the rate of unemployment of less than 4% and a specialty very in demand.

      As I spent spring break out of town, I attended a Sunday service where a mighty man of God ministered. It's only then that the Lord spoke to me and told me that I must fast for my job. So I took a 4-day fast on water only, coupled with prayer nights and the Word. By then, we were in mid April, with graduation approaching, I kept begging the Lord that I needed a job that I could start right after I'd done with school. However, this time around it was no longer with panic but peace in my heart.
     One Sunday morning, at my home church a guest Pastor, Bishop Williams preached on "getting back everything that we lost" based on I Sam 30. As he was preaching, I was stirred to give. But I had no money and Offering time had already passed. The Holy Spirit reminded me of $100.00 (one hundred dollars) I had hidden in my purse. The money wasn't mine, someone had given it to me to remit it to someone else. So the Holy Spirit said: "give it now, you can replace it." Although the service had already ended, I put the offering in the envelope.
     The week that followed, I got a phone call from a recruiter for an opportunity I had applied for unsuccessfully a while ago. I passed the phone interview with flying colors and got called for a face2 face interview. When I got there, the hiring manager said this was just a chance for me to ask any questions I may have and that the job was mine if I wanted to. There was no interview, just a tour visit.
On my way back, I got a phone call from the company making an offer with the exact salary I've always claimed I'd be making by age 30 + 10% bonus, which altogether amounts to a 40% increase.
     I don't consider myself the most learned or even an expert in my field despite my experience, but the Wisdom of God says, The race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong**. And it also says "Obey me, and I will be your God and you will be my people. Walk in obedience to all I command you, that it may go well with you." ***
     Walking in obedience to the Lord calls upon his blessings, when you do your part God has no choice but to do His. I hope this little account of my blessing is giving you hope and courage to keep moving forward with your faith. Or maybe it's an interpellation to get right with the Right One. If so, just talk to Jesus like you would any person, tell Him about what you're going through, even if you have doubts (the first disciples had doubts but He still welcomed them****). He's been waiting for you.

** [Eccl9:11]

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shouting the Blessings of the Lord

Raised in a culture of suspicions, witchcraft and rumors of witchcraft, Cameroonians, and most Africans, are skeptical of any good thing that comes their way, or that happens to others. These suspicions have crippled them from their ability to fully rejoice or proclaim the bountiness in their lives or the lives of others.
Call a fellow Cameroonian [African] today and ask them how they're doing. Undubitably you'll get a variation one of the following answers: - "ha, a de massa"...a broken english form to say "here I am"...
- "na you see how?" insinuous way to say "look at me, how do you think I'm doing?"
- "we're pushing" say "it's hard but we're trying to move fwd"

Things get worse when dealing with things like pregnancies, trips or else. In Cameroon, when you're pregnant, you never shout it over the top of a roof, any roof, even yours. I got reminded of that when last year, one of my sisters got pregnant with her first child and it was only a few months from birth that I got awared of it. Indignant over being "left out of the loop", I called my mom just to hear her say that "you know here we don't talk about this kind of things, people just notice [the change when the belly comes out]. It's because you're far away that she even told you".

In Cameroon and most African countries, after high school, you may have either an opportunity to travel abroad for your college studies or get into a reputable local school. The former is more prestigious, as it's not everyone who can afford to travel or even get a visa. I remember
twelve years ago, a bunch of us from my high school promotion had the opportunity to go abroad. Some to Germany, France, The Netherlands or the US. It was on the day of our departure (or the eve at best) that we informed our friends of our plans. It didn't matter if we were best friends, close friends or mere friends. When it came to unveil our grand travelling ambition, every soul became a potential hindrance to our initiative. we couldn't afford to leave any end loosed. Your BFF could be or become your BEF (Best Enemy Forever) or else.

This true story happened a long time ago in Cameroon. A girl, that I'll call Mina, was making the rounds to say goodbye to her friends as she was about to depart the next day to Europe. When she got to Gayle's her best friend, (they had grown up together, went to school together, studied together, celebrated each other birthdays), Gayle became very sad . They cried, lamented and promised each other never to forget about the other. Gayle then suggested they shared a last meal. She went out and bought some bread with chocolate cream inside, broke in half and gave the other piece to her departing friend. They ate, laughed together wished each other good things. Later in the evening, Mina started complaining about stomaches, a few hours later she was dead. it was discovered that she had rat poison in her system. Further investifation led to Gayle who confessed that she didn't want to stay behind alone for her best friend was leaving her. 

Just a couple of months ago, my godmother came from Cameroon to visit the US for the very first time. As her return got close, she packed half her luggages with gifts for people from her church, her work place and other acquaintances. To some she brought shoes, to others purses, or
cologne or clothes. To her bewilderment, the very same people who received gifts from her, spewed in her back  "who does she think she is...going to USA for vacation and coming back?"..."She has it all, doesn't she? plulizzz..."

I supposed my immersement in the American culture has made me lose sight of what my African inheritage has bequeathed upon me. Blessings are not supposed to be discussed out loud. When something good happens, it must be kept a secret in fear that a malevolent soul would jeopardize it. One can't truly celebrate their life in the fear that some evil soul will spoil that for them. They're forced to develop a false sense of humility because them fear people may misinterpret them as showing off.

As I pondered on this topic, Shouting The Blessings of The Lord, I poured myself in the Psalms of David and got struck by his approach. He didn't hold back in proclaiming high and loud what the Lord had done for Him and through him. Repeatedly I encountered:
[Ps9:1-2] 1 I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart;
    I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.
2 I will be glad and rejoice in you;
    I will sing the praises of your name, O Most High.
Then he goes on describing exactly how the Lord has blessed and delivered him.

David as a warrior, did have many enemies but it didn't keep him from shouting, dancing, praising, proclaiming, cheering what the great deeds of the God of Israel!

The other day as I was cruising FB, i came across the page of a church member and was surprised to see written on the wall from different people "Congratulations! You'll make great parents!". I was puzzled and wondered when they got pregnant and gave birth. Came to find out the bun was still in the oven and the lady wasn't even showing yet!

Africans can learn from their fellow Americans. Our attitude has done us more harm than good. It has robbed us from recognizing a blessing when it shows up at our door, incapacitated us to express gratitude, cheated us from more bounty, made God a recipient of our indifference,
thanklessness, rudeness and ungratefulness. And being a Christian has not made us less victims of this viciousness.

Therefore, I decided to break the mold and follow David's footsteps. Stay tuned for part II.

Tresorly Yours,

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Resolution 2012: Get Rid of Foolishness

     For this first post of 2012, I thought of doing a year in review but what the heck, who needs another year in review or me blabbing about my spectacular accomplishments? Instead, I elected to share a significant experience which I hope will be of help to some.
     She's my second mom. Eleven years ago, I immigrated in this country. I had come to go to school which I completed with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. This achievement would not have taken place, has it not been for her and her family. A little background: Our families had been in each other lives for some years since back home in Cameroon. We lived in the same city, same neighborhood, same street.
So when my parents decided to send me overseas, they were the rightful choice. From day one, she was on me and with me. I needed to change school, there we were going up down between my new school and immigration. I needed to buy a car, my very first car, there we were at the city auction, she picked my first car: 600.00 it cost, good'ol days. I needed a new SSN, there we were between school and the SSN office. I needed a place where I could braid hair to make some money, she landed me her living room. First day of school, there she was, first ride to school. Now, all this for FREE. A side note: Americans like a the word "FREE" although nothing is ever free. But in my case, it truly was. A roof over my head: free, a meal at noon and a meal in the evening: free. Although, later on while staying with her and family, I had learned that there had been some discontentment from the beginning about my presence, this went for about 18 months til the time to part our ways came. And what did I do? I left her a goodbye, good luck note. The kind that says, thanks for everything although at times you were a biyotch. You get the picture. Foolish me took everything for granted. I had this presumptuous idea that nobody can't change or alter the perfect plans that God had/has for me. Even though I still believe it to be true, it is also of the utmost importance to acknowledge and honor those that God has put on your path for success. My mentor, Dr Mike Murdock always says, if you fail in your life it will be because of someone you chose to dishonor. If you succeed in your life, it will be because of someone you chose to honor. Needless to say this first act of dishonor and foolishness did not wait to birth its fruits some years later down the road.
Year 2003: One of my good friend immigrates here in the U.S. I helped her with the school paperwork, pretty much with everything that I mentioned above. I'm of those who believe that you should spread your blessings around. I welcomed her with the same amenities for a year, free food, free roof ...etc. It took her four years to finally show her true colors. What followed is a gruesome story that will be featured in a different post. It was nothing short of a perfect transcript straight from a soap opera. Needless to say, we're no longer on speaking terms since 2008 and I doubt we'll ever be.
     So back to year 2011, as I was reaching some milestones, I realized it was important to learn from the past. Most people in general, think they've learned from their mistakes but in actually take no step to prevent themselves to repeat them. And there are actions that unquestionably bring about curse on us or put us in danger of the fire of hell*, and one of them is dishonor. Jesus Himself tells us that "Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother or sister has something against you, 24 leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to them; then come and offer your gift" . Whenever you see a statement that starts with "Therefore", you must find out why is there for (Bill Johnson). So before he gets to the "Therefore", He says "And anyone who says, ‘You fool!’ will be in danger of the fire of hell."
     So many of us Christians constantly live in the danger of the fire of hell without even knowing it, or knowing and choosing to believe that grace "covers" it all. Although The Master has clearly established ways how to escape it. Moreover, Jesus was teaching this to his disciples not unbelievers! (May he who has ears, let him hear!). In the light of that awakening, I took my courage to call my second mom, whom I had been estranged for about nine years, and ask for her forgiveness, which she gracefully granted me. I took upon myself to honor her anyhow I can for I strongly believe that Honor qualifies you to enter any future God has designed for you (Dr Mike Murdock).


Tresorly Yours,
Tresor De Beaute 

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