Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 - Weight Loss-The New Diet

I never start my new year resolution on the first day of the new year, always a month or two before.
This way, by the time new year starts I'm already well-established in my new routine and more focused to reach my goals.
New year resolution 2013, I decided to lose some weight that I packed on the last two years. Hence, I came up with the perfect diet plan. I know it's perfect because today, December 31st 2012, I just lost exactly one third of that weight. When it comes to weight loss, I only got one motivation: I used to be lighter and loved the way it felt and I want that feeling back!
If it is not clear, I'm referring to weight in dollars not in pounds!
Although my motivation steers more from a personal satisfaction, I've gathered biblical precepts to give us a good grasp on why it is important to our Lord for us to be debt free:
  1.  Being debt free frees us to love one another: Owe no one except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law. [Rom 13:8]. As my mentor says, No one admires the one they owe (Dr. MM), may it be an individual or an institution. 
  2. Evil men borrow but do not repay their debt [Ps 37:21]. Evil can also be as subtle and less obvious as not paying back what we owe. I sure don't want to be an evil person at the eyes of the Lord.
  3. Being debt free, restores our trust unto the Lord: Every time we take on debt, we basically tell the Lord that we do not trust his providence, therefore we take the matter onto our own hands.
Although Debt is not a sin, it's a weight (David Oyedepo). Moreover, the borrower is a servant to the lender [Prov22:7]. And if there's one who qualifies for my servant-hood, it's nobody else but my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 
Now the question is How do we lose weight? How do we get out of debt? The first logical answer is: by paying it off.  When the widow came to Elisha, he told her "Go sell the oil and pay your debt" [2Kg 4:7]. 
  1. Each paycheck, I set aside 10% amount, the tithe which represents God's part of my income. It's a way for me to Honor Him with and tell Him Thank you for everything in my life: the air I breathe, my family, our health, our well-being, our income,  our ministry, the enjoyments of life...everything.
  2. Then, I attack the credit card with the lowest amount owed. Since my goal is to pay it off in one year (you can set yours to six months or less), I divide the total by 24 (for an average of 24 paychecks) to see how much will be required per paycheck to reach my goal.
  3. I ask the Holy Spirit, determination to stay on target, wisdom on how to get through and make it, and peace for to each day its burden so I will not carry yesterday load onto the present.
  4. I reward myself: I don't spend what I do not have but I open the credit card account and enjoy the shrinking balance.
That's my diet, I've tried it and it works. Let me know of a successful diet of your own.

Happy New [Resolution] Year 2013!!

Tresorly Yours,
Tresor De Beaute

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