Friday, October 9, 2009

Am I guilty?

I think I was born with an older soul than my young body. I have a weakness for oldies: soul, funk, blues and some good modern jazz. I heard this song on the radio not long ago and it just frizzled my hair all over my body (in a good way) and as soon as I got my laptop I had to YouTube it (Thank God for YouTube!) and there it was! A very soul smothering song about an affair between him and Mrs Jones. Now my peeps know how I feel about affairs, infidelity and the like. But this song has something to it that gets me to a point that I really enjoy it and can even picture myself karaokeing it. So my question is, although I'm viral anti-cheating activist, but still savor this funky song along with the lyrics, does that make me guilty of infidelity?

Let's Make Love Before We Say Farewell

My dad and I have this thing that we pull when we visit each other, we steal one another's CDs. I often joke with him that he should bequeath his CDs to me. On my recent trip to the motherland, I got this fantastic collection of oldies French songs. And the other day as I was driving to work, I turned my player and this song came on, sending me way back in the days when I was between 10 and 12 years old. As the words was distilling in the air, I paid attention to their meaning and it cracked me up. Here's an example by Jeanne Manson, who surprisingly is American but has spent so many years in France that she had come to espouse the French way of "coloring" love, the title is (literally translated):

Let's make love before we say farewell

Let's make love before we say farewell
[before we say farewell]
Let's make love since it's over between us
[since it's over between us]
Let's make love as if it was the first time
One more time you and I since love is leaving
I can forgive you for everything and pretend to forget
I would like to close my eyes and do everything you want
I can share you and even plead with you but don't leave
I'll make myself so small that you won't see me
I'll be so tender that tomorrow you'll love me
I'll be all love and all to you but don't leave
[chorus] x2

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