Thursday, August 13, 2009

Are you a Closeted Christian?

Are you a closeted Christian? Or have you become one? I remember back in the days about 10 to 15 years ago, a whole generation of us was boiling for the Lord. Preaching and proclaiming the name of the Lord, trying to be a model at home and in school til the extend one will be ashamed to say "I believe in God" if they hadn't passed their exams. We all belonged to a group called CLUC (Colleges Lycees et Universites pour Christ) -- Colleges, High schools and Universities for Christ. We would all volunteer either for singing, dancing or acting for the Glory of our God. We wouldn't hesitate to share the word with our fellow classmates. We were young, innocent and filled with an unqualifiable zeal. Over a decade later, some of us have changed or let their circumstances cloud and mask the beauty of who they are. We get married and divorced in or out of the yoke, we sleep around with other people's husbands, we consult charlatans to fight witchcraft, we call other people "unstable", we resort to doubtful means to get what we want, we put aside the notion of goodness and forgiveness to embrace revenge and Schadenfreude, we stop talking about God (oh my gosh what is s/he going to think of me!!) and start gossiping, we forge an acceptable image of ourselves that is pleasing to whomever doesn't question or dare rebuking us (oh, don't judge me!! You have no rights). We lie, we hide, we no longer speak the truth, how can we when have left that Truth evade us? We took our Christianity and put it in a closet. The amazing thing about all that is that, it's not too late to take it out, dust it off and wear it again. Yes there will be (there always is) people calling you all sorts of names: Jesus Freak, bible thumper...etc. But guess what, those same people wish they had an anchor to hold on to, some hope to cling on to. Natty, a friend of mine, was telling how much she loves job and God and doesn't hesitate to say so to her colleagues at work and of course some of them ridiculize her but yet they turn to her for prayer or advices when they need some.
It's difficult to live that pure life that the bible promotes, certainly impossible to put into practice some of the basics like forgiveness but God assures us that "He will make us walk on the path of righteousness for his name's sake", we just have to be willful. Are you a closeted [wo]man of God, it's time to come out of that closet and proclaim with me: "I'M A SEXY [WO]MAN OF GOD AND I KNOW IT!!"

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