Saturday, June 19, 2010

Week of Awesomeness

This is my week of awesomeness. A week during which I will laud all the key people who have chosen me as the recipient of their kindness, love and interest manifested in many ways.

To all my dear readers,
Friends and non-friends
Close or apart
For reading me and sending me kudos
for judging or not judging
for commenting or not
You're awesome!

You tolerated me even when I couldn't tolerate myself
You're awesome!
You taught me about forgiveness
I must admit I was impressed
Given you didn't know the best
Hence getting me out of my mess
You're awesome!
A million kisses to you I blow
An angel in disguise that I know
With you by me I grow
You're awesome!
You prayed with and for me
Even though I didn't feel like praying for me
You encouraged me
You counseled me
You're awesome!
When the least I would've expected
From you a gift unsuspected
You're awesome!
After a long extenuating day at work
I get home to see that you've cooked
You're awesome!
Out of your busy schedule
Overseas or at home
You take time to phone me
And to listen to me
You stand by me loyally
You're awesome!
I wasn't sure how long I would stay
You opened me the doors of your home
You welcomed me and gave me my space
You're awesome!
I stumbled and fell
The darkness out of me you expelled
You stretched out your arm
Bent over to reach out to mine
I saw your sunshine
And close to you I was drawn
You swiped away all my tears
And rid me of all my fears
Today confidently I stand
Knowing I have for guide your hand
Living the life I'm destined
Renewed, redeemed and pristine
To you I owe all that I am

stay tuned, stay blessed, stay AWESOME!!
Tresor de Beaute

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Strong Women ==> Strong Nation

     I woke up this morning with my inbox full of  news alerts from yesterday senatorial and gubernatorial primaries:
- Sen. Blanche Lincoln wins the Democratic Senate primary in Arkansas, prevailing over Lt. Gov. Bill Halter
Meg Whitman, the former chief executive of eBay, has won the Republican gubernatorial primary in California. She will face Attorney General Jerry Brown.
- Carly Fiorina, the former chief executive of Hewlett-Packard, has won the Republican Senate primary in California. She will face Sen. Barbara Boxer, who won Tuesday's Democratic primary, in November.
- Former state assemblywoman Sharron Angle has won the Republican Senate primary in Nevada, She will face Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid, who won Tuesday's Democratic primary, in November.
     I got to admit this, I was very pleased with the results and I'm hoping the finals will reflect the same following trend: More and more women are in leadership positions in various fields that were once dominated by our male counterpart. Unfortunately, if there's one thing that the last presidential primaries taught us, the general population is not yet ready for a female leader. After all at the Senate level only, there have been 38 women in the United States holding that position since the establishment of that body in 1789. Women were first elected in number in 1922. Today, 17 of the 100 U.S. Senators are women. Thirteen of the women who have served were appointed; seven of those were appointed to succeed their deceased husbands.
At the State Government level, thirty-two women have served or are serving as the governor of a U.S. state
The first female governor was Nellie Tayloe Ross of Wyoming (which just so happened to be the first ever part of the US to have woman suffrage) who was elected on November 4, 1924 and sworn in on January 5, 1925. She was preceded in office by her late husband William B. Ross. The first female governor elected without being the wife or widow of a past state governor was Ella T. Grasso of Connecticut, elected in 1974 and sworn in on January 8, 1975. (Wikipedia, 2010)
     Top leadership female invasion is slow but certain. Having a veejay-jay does not amputate our left synapse.
A couple of weekends ago, I had the pleasure to watch one of my friends getting acknowledge for the completion of the hard labor she has put into her research, thus crowning her success with a Ph.D. in Biophysics: CONGRATS to Dr. A.N.!!, you're an example and model to many of us.
     I remember the day Carly Fiorina got "lynched" from HP, there was mourning in the feminist community as Carly was the most powerful women in business during that era. However, she did not let the 2005 missteps determine her future, on the contrary she redefined herself and is emerging today as a very strong candidate for the Senate seat in the state of California. It happens to the best of us--women --to make mistake, to make the wrong choices, to put the wrong priorities on top of the list, nevertheless, we're not blockheads, instead shrewd, intelligent and very capable beings. So what is it that you'd like to achieve? Improve your English proficiency? What about cutting down your soap opera time and pick up a book or a kindle [wink wink..]? Get that bachelor degree? What about getting enrolled in a school and start at least with one class at a time? Get your own business? What about quitting talking about it and just doing it? Don't let that knucklehead of significant other put you down, besides if he can't help you pursue your dreams, then he probably ain't good for you. Don't let those bad companions talk you out of it. Don't let that little cash trap hold you up, rather roll up your sleeves and keep on pressing. Are you in a place where you feel complaisant? Then it's time to re-orient and re-focus, set up a new goal, what about giving back to your community? Volunteer somewhere, mentor someone, give a hand to another. After all there is no greater pleasure than satisfaction when giving out rather than always receiving.

Stay Tuned, Stay Bold, Stay Beautiful
Tresor De Beaute

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