Friday, April 17, 2009

Why are Divorces Always so Ugly?

Why are Divorces always so ugly? I mean, after all, these are two people who at one point in time professed their [(un)dying] love for one another, but here there are at each other throat. Could it be because one of the concerned parties can't get passed whatever "irreconcilable differences" there may be? Or could it be the desire for payback? Depending of what's driving a couple to divorce, there's always a loser in the whole ordeal, whether it's a loss of money, self-worthiness, or standards, you name it, there's always a loser. Personally, I do not believe in divorce (especially when kids are involved), however there are deal breakers that no matter what end of the stick you're holding, the relationship not only does not stand a chance, but isn't even worth trying to savage. If that's case, meaning, if from the get go a relationship is unsavageable, shouldn't the protagonists involved find a way to "work things out" in the goal of an "amicable" dissolution? I realize this could be difficult to achieve especially if one is trying to take advantage of the other.
Stats show that the divorce rate here in the U.S is about 50% and the number one reason of divorce here in the U.S is infidelity followed by finances. If there's one chance over two for a marriage to end up in dissolution, would we be better off getting married assuming, accepting, tolerating that our partner can cheat at any time but still decide to stay? I was discussing it with one of my dearest friends and the answer was that, may be we should. And I added, well it that's the case, why don't we ensure that our partner always carry on them a condom? At least that way, when it happens he or she, thus we are protected from any potential STDs. I guess we all agreed that was pushing it a little too far.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We're in this love together

To you my brother that I love so much.
To you my sister that is so special to me.
To you my friend, where would I be without you?
And to you, the one and only one who completes me...
We're in this love together
We got the kind that lasts forever

Monday, April 13, 2009

I've been listening to

These are the new stuffs in the block, from my most favorite to the least, enjoy!! Very sexy song, ideal for strip tease session w/ your significant other:

A new beauty, with a voice similar to J-Hud, the next big thing, I bet!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Fantaisies ...

She makes out with a Caucasian guy
She has a tattoo around her belly button
She's dating a tattooed guy
A very rich tattooed guy
She's riding in a convertible, meet a bunch of stupid guys and lifts her top up
She has a monthly appointment with her shrink
A bi-annual appointment with her dentist
She has a pair of Manolo Blahnik
And a designer bag
She's a Cover Girl

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Night in Town

The good thing about starting over, is that it gives you this urge to try new things, to get out of your comfort zone to "confront the world", so to speak. So in the spirit of "starting over", I've decided to become adventurous (to some extend). First it started w/ shopping. I went to Macy's and bought a $60.00 dress (sorry folks I know we're in a recession, however I could afford it and I mean I didn't put it on my credit card!!), then I went on to Nine West and I got myself a $100.00 purse!! (this shocks me!! I NEVER did this before!! Not that I never spent 100 bucks but not on a purse!!) followed by a $50.00 pair of pumps (gorgeous!!). And that was it for that day!! Then the other night, a friend and I went to dinner, along w/ two other people in an "upscale" restaurant. [Ok, little confession here, I didn't spend a dime!! (Good, right?)]. A Three-course meal, delicious lobster with crusty calamaris, scrumptious crab cakes on a bed of corn, gumbo soup w/ crackers and these were just appetizers!! Main course a mahi mahi made a la Shang Hai with sticky rice and tasty spinach!! hum hum, heaven on earth!! Desert, a delicate sumptuous cup of chocolate cake wet w/ some triple churned vanilla ice cream!! And that was my adventure. Life was indeed good, very good. Sometimes it's just good to start over, really start over and try new stuffs!!

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