Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Now That I had Light

Now that I had Light
Now that my sight had come back
I was horrified by the true state of the premises.
There was dust everywhere
On the table, on the shelves and the rest of the furniture
In the closet and even on some of my clothes
Although still beautiful
I hadn't realized how dirty everything had become
Cleaning was a priority
Sorting and ordering were on the agenda
Some Items had been moved
And needed to be put back in place
Other had spoiled and needed to be replaced
Some had been brought in
and needed to be brought back
Spiders had cobwebbed the cellar
Some Walls needed a fresh new  paint
Other needed some scrubbing and rinsing (repeat)
Redec imposed itself
Doubting my own ability to handle the task, I hired a professional
He suggested to knock down the upper west side of a wall
Wall on which I had carefully mounted a book shelf
Book Shelf full of my meticulously elaborated theories
Theories on life personal or otherwise
Collection of stories and short essays
They all were a trophy of my pride and accomplishments
Now I had to choose between keeping them or giving it a chance
A chance to the beautiful glass window that would replace them,
Thus opening a view on a beautiful and live green landscape
In the middle which a fountain will be flowing
How I had neglected and forgotten about such a beauty
I gave it a go and so went the wall
Along with my pride and trophies
It was as painful and scary as I thought it would be but
I had something better to look forward to
I trust my architect He had done this before too
Since then renovation have been undergoing

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