Saturday, July 28, 2007

Christian Divorce

Today, I'd like to talk about the grounds for divorce as a Christian. I recently read a Pastor friend's article about getting married and divorced for papers. (I'll discuss the getting married for papers part on a later post, for now let's concentrate on the subject at hand.) Here is what he wrote: "divorces due to abuse, addiction, irresponsibility and what have you other than fornication is sinful." I STRONGLY DISAGREE WITH HIM!! First of all, my Pastor friend that I'm going to call P.A. is a man of God, well educated about spiritual things, as I mentioned he's a pastor, therefore has a degree in theology and has been a minister for several years now. As for me, I'm just the average Joe (at least concerning spiritual matters but here's my take on this). Relationships in general, and marriage in particular are established on deals, explicit and implicit. Over the years, I've worked at different companies, small and large. In general, the company expects its employees to arrive on time at work, dress appropriately and use the company's tools to perform their duties, and these are explicit deals that if an employee does not respect, the company can fire him/her. However a company can also fire an employee who curses at someone else though it is not explicitly written in the contract. This is a normal undercurrent that does not need to be put down in words for one's to behave as such: "Thou shall not curse!". Same things apply to marriage, because the vows don't include the part that says: "We stay married as long as you don't abuse me" does not mean that if one partner becomes abusive, the other should swallow it in the name of "for better and for worse" or in the name of "the bible says..." Many people choose to remain in abuse situations for some unpalpable reasons; if you're living or lived a similar situation, please enlighten me as to why you chose to "save" an unsalvable relationship/marriage. Even the Lord Jesus himself did not take the abuse from anyone...just with his words, he stopped a crowd who was ready to stone him to death.


Prince Hamiltion said...

Gtreat job but you still did not defend why anyone should even divorce.

Anonymous said...

As a recently divorced devout Christian, I was most concerned about God's words on this. I attended a Divorce Cares/Recovery program and in the class on "What the Instruction Books says" we learned to accept the fact that divorce is sin, however, there is no sin that the blood of Christ cannot cover, therefore, nail the sin of your divorce to the cross along with all your other sins. Now thats what Grace is all about.

Tresor De Beaute said...

@Anynomous, it's true the blood covers all kinds of sins. However, we're still going to be accountable for all our actions good or bad. And as devout Christians we can't just decide to sin and then say "well, after all grace covers it all"

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