Saturday, March 15, 2008

Unconditional Love? I don't think so

I was having a conversation with someone yesterday and they said that family gives us unconditional love (and we're talking here about the family we have not chosen: mom, dad, sister and brothers, etc...). So it made me think, does unconditional love really exist? In my opinion, it is as existing as the teeth in a chicken mouth. Even God does not love us unconditionally, he requires us to believe in his Son Jesus-Christ in other for us to get in heaven (only applicable to Christians of course). If he truly loved us unconditionally, he could just open the gates of heaven to whoever is seeking them. The same apply for other types of relationships: husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, friendships.
For husbands and wives, they both take "vows", they both set up conditions in which their undying love may truly never die. "In sickness and in health" --> you can be sick but don't get so sick that it'll ruin my finances, or don't get an STD that is not coming from either of us. "For better or for worse" --> as long as the worse doesn't include an irreversible 'offense' such as cheating, or reporting my/your inappropriate behavior to authorities.
For friendship, there is this implicit rule according to which as long as you don't step into my territory, then we can be friends. Or a better one, as long as you don't have something better than I do, then we can be friends. Or as long as you don't steal what's mine, we can be friends.
I'm sure we all can find many instances of any type of relationships we have or had that came with some explicit or implicit conditions. Even a relationship with oneself is not unconditional. Otherwise, there wouldn't be any suicide, as suicide results from the fact that one can stand oneself. Unconditional love? I don't think so.


Prince Hamilton said...

There is no unconditional love. there is a perfect love which God has and wants to give us but every love is with conditions. If you love me keep my commandments Jesus says.

Tresor De Beaute said...

Damn right!!

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