Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What Obama's Victory taught me

As the victory of the FIRST Black President of the United States of America was unfolding yesterday in front of my eyes, I started thinking back how it all started. I thought of the Primaries and remembered how strong and still he remained throughout the lows. Even as Senator Clinton realized that victory was slipping away from her by "throwing at him the kitchen sink", President Obama stood still, strong and true to himself, even as the famous Rev Wright "turned his back on him" he stood still, strong and true to himself, even when it appeared that the GOP VP's pick had galvanized not only the republican base but the undecideds, he stood still, strong and true to himself. There are times in our lives when all seem to go the opposite direction, when long time friends (like Rev Wright) turn their back on us, when every plan is unplanned and the ultimate decision that we face would either do us or undo us. What do we do then? Do we look inward to pull up that strength we need? Or do we look outward at disconcerting events and reacting to them? Do we look up upward to that Guy upstairs for discernment and wisdom? Or do we look at other people who may not have our best interests at heart? Do we stay true to ourselves and ideals, to our values and beliefs?
Barack Obama led the most amazing campaign in the history of American Politics. The dishes, the sink and even the Plumber were thrown at him, he dissociated himself with the troublemakers, he reasserted himself, remained true to the American people who have supported him and HE PREVAILED!!!


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gunfighter1 said...

I saw that movie, too... but as Chris Rock said: "God Bless America and EVERYbody else!"

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