Sunday, January 6, 2008

Presidential Election 2008!!

I could feel the blood racing through my veins!! These presidential elections are sucking me in, who could have believed it a year or more ago?!! I've told my fellow companions, I'm supporting Hillary Clinton. American want to see change, they have change in Hillary!! She's smart, intelligent, very eloquent and has "proof of payments". Yes, I'm betting on her experience, not only her experience at the white house but her experience as a woman. She has sustained the most public humiliation a woman can ever know, she chose to support her husband nevertheless, to keep her family united. She demonstrated forgiveness rather than revengefulness, togetherness rather than divisiveness. That's the type of leader that America should want. That's change we can believe in. I'm dismayed by the feminist attitude towards my girl Hill. When she wittily speaks and tactfully bring her point across, she labeled as being not likable or to put in the words of an iowan caucus-goer "she's like a robot" as reported by Calmes and Chozick from the Wall Street Journal Sat/Sun Jan 5-6 issue. I admire, though the polls are slightly in her disadvantage, I still believe she can pull it though, and regardless of the end results, I'll always admire and respect her for at least trying and daring to run for the most powerful position in the world: President of the United States of America!!

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Prince Hamilton said...

There goes your president.

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