Monday, July 21, 2008

Saltimbanco was in town!!

It had been a almost two decades since the last time I went to a circus. Last Saturday was a chance for me to get reacquainted. Circus had always been something I enjoyed watching especially on TV (back in the days when our national TV station would fill up the program with such selection). Cirque du Soleil: Saltimbanco honored our town with their presence. I was quite surprised not see any children at the show. Mostly adults coming to have a good time.
- They had a musical band that would accompany the choreographers.
- A silent 'soliloquy' (if that makes any sense at all): we, the audience, could follow the protagonist going through a door, locking himself up, fighting for air as water flowing down from a malfunctioning toilet was drowning, finally having s.o come to rescue him, all of this in a virtual staging w/ no real physical doors, water or toilet.
- The juggler had an impressive number too. He could juggle up to 7 balls as fast as 1.75miles/hr (wild guess, but it sure felt like it).
-The acrobats were the most lauded by the audience. They would hold each other with their ankles while swinging 150 feet (made up number but definitely felt like it) up in the air.
I mostly enjoyed the band and their music selection: a jazzy/souly moist kind of style. The soloist had an amazing voice well underlined by the 'Lion King' performance theme .


V said...

Dont forget the other acrobats.. imitating lizards.. their costumes were incredible. The audience participation and how incredible the audience was.. the guy who went on stage having no idea of what to do and yet was able to keep up and have fun with it... i loved it.. loved it.. thanks for your company girl.. looking forward to more fun things :)

Tresor De Beaute said...

Absolutely!!Oh yeah, that guy who went on stage was just something, wasn't he?

Prince Hamilton said...

Je vois porquoi ta foi n'est pas forte parceque tu vois les choses charnelles.

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