Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thank you note

I'm distractedly listening to Bobby Womack playing in the background. It's a saturday evening, it had heavily rained in the morning keeping me from doing any outdoor activity notedly going to Walmart. We're about to go to a family picnic organized by our little community here. And I'm thinking about some milestones in my life: my career, my family, my future and I marveled at the special attention the Man upstairs has always carried my way. I'm thinking about years back when I was working two jobs: One full time and one part time, struggling to pay for school tuition that I was attending full time. No time to reflect on things around me. And today I can afford to stay home the weekend, relax, read, travel (in and out the US) and compose some articles like this one. My family is always there for me. My future is undoubtedly shiny and shinier. All of this I owe it to you Big Guy. I owe you the wisdom you have imparted me: the wisdom to stay focus and the wisdom to make wise and wiser choices. Faith Hill, "There you'll be", is now playing. It's dedication to you my God, my Love, my Everything.

Thank you!


Prince Hamilton said...

Who ever told you, you are now getting wiser and wiser? If you get wiser and wiser what will your pastors become; wisest and wisest? Tu es même le brebis de qui encore là?

Tresor De Beaute said...

Quel pasteur? You never met dumb pastors? There are even some out there that I'm ashamed to say they're pastors, lol. Je suis la brebis du Seigneur Jesus!! :)

Prince Hamilton said...

Ohh mooooo, I have never heard this. I hope your pastor reads your blog. Hahahha. La mere ci it will be Backbench straight.

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