Monday, August 18, 2008

Death Clock

Heath Ledger opened the lead this year at 28, then followed Tim Russert at 50, Bernie Mac at 50, Isaac Hayes at 65, and Stephanie Tubbs Jones at 58. They all died this year, some of a sudden death, others with warning signs and this despite our life expectancy of 78 years in the US. All these people were respectively Actor, TV political moderator, Entertainer/Actor, Performer and Lawmaker. Ledger will be remembered through his movies and most likely will be posthumously rewarded for his stunning performance as 'The Joker' in The Dark Knight, Russert political commentaries will certainly follow us for a while, Mac's movie and sitcoms will always remind us of how funny of a man he was, Hayes music will keep him alive in the hearts of those who liked him, and as for Tubbs Jones, she was "the first African-American woman elected to the House of Representatives and a leader in the fight against predatory lending practices" as reported by DENNIS HEVESI from the Times. She will certainly be remembered throughout history books and other causes she fought for. 28, 50, 65 and 58 all these numbers way below our life expectancy, any year, any month, any week, any day, any hour, any minute, any second could be the time. Were they ready? What kind of legacy did they leave to their family and friends? Were they good spouses, dads and moms, teaching with words and by examples? Were they good colleagues? Have they known their time of death, would they have lived their lives any different than they did? Maybe Yes, maybe no.
According to my death clock here, I still have many years to live, many opportunities to reinvent myself (should I ever want to), many chances to do good and bad, many occasions to fall and get up and hopefully I'll be remembered for something positive.

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Prince Hamilton said...

Death is a tunnel to another world but this time: unseen. However, it does not matter what age we die but it matters whether we are ready to face God for all what we did during our expedition on earth. Nonetheless, it behooves mankind to see that they live a happy life and contribute tot he happiness of their kind before they die and waste the good life God has given them.

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