Friday, August 29, 2008

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits

The spell has been cast, my girl has lost a battle but not the war. "The sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits" the best corny phrase I've heard from the forever great Hillary Clinton on Tuesday. Her speech was simply amazingly beautiful. I'm a die hard supporter of her for all the reasons I've mentioned on my previous posts. Her defeat was personal to us who have shown her our support throughout the primaries, but time heals wounds as deep as they may be. And now has come the time to face our two choices left in this presidential race. McCain vs. Obama, will we trumpet our emotions and let them cloud our judgment? Or shall we take a step back, reflect on all the important issues that are at stake and make a wise and informed decision?
- National Healthcare: to quote my Econ teacher "On the 16 top industrialized countries, America is the only one without National Health care although it costs less and people live longer"
- Education: I remember a post from Friedman [V. just pinged me, the GOP Veep's a WOMAN!! Dang it Dang it and Dang it...McCain just picked a woman as his running mate: Sarah Palin a mother of 5 still married to her first husband, even Michele Obama doesn't beat that!!...I'm anticipating a very heated election campaign, so hot that it'll "increase global warming" to quote Bill. I know nothing of the woman and I'm already torn between two camps.] deploring the deficit in American human resources in areas such as: Engineering, Biotechnology, Physics and Computing.
- Economy: Unemployment 5.7% (although my Econ teacher says that the true rate is 11.4% twice the reported rate because the Department of Labor only considers 3 types of unemployment from the 7 that exist) the highest it's been since almost two decades.
- Immigration: I have a personal take on it that will appear in a future article
- Last but not least: The war in Iraq. We need to reunite families that have been apart because of this "dump war", rebuild our military, thus our country.
The democratic party has had two superb runners up, the best won, tensions rose but should this be a reason to turn our backs on our fundamental beliefs and jump in bed with the devil?
This historical moment of our politics is very crucial, too much is at stake to leave it up to our emotions. [Dang it Dang it and Dang it, a WOMAN is the GOP Veep!!!......!!!!]


Prince Hamilton said...

The devil today was the angel yesterday. At times it could be better to keep the old devil than to try a new angel. Chosing beween McCain and Obama is a $64 question; both play and dance in the forest.

V said...

Heh! thanks for mentioning me in your post.. I remember telling you of McCain's shocking choice and your response... Do you still feel torn? Would you vote for him just because she is a woman?

Tresor De Beaute said...

I would truly love to see a woman Leader of the "Free" world. When I say that, people reply that it has already happened citing, Angela Merkel from Germany and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf from Liberia. However this year is for the democratic party to shine, hence I shifted my support to Obama (hoping that he will not disappoint us) though I have not yet translated it into dollars. Next week anyway, s.o will offer me a big button saying "Vote Obama". The guy is just brilliant, not only in his speeches but in his writing as well. And I got to admit that he ran a formidable campaign.

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