Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Are You [very] Happy?

The other day I discovered that I was very happy. Dr Watson, my leadership teacher made us take this online assessment with a requirement not to think too much about the answer, but to select exactly what was on our mind at that particular moment. And one of the question was, would consider yourself to be: a) very unhappy b) somewhat unhappy c) somewhat happy d) very happy.
This prompted me to check in an online dictionary the definition of happiness and according to happiness is the quality or state of being happy [please note that happy is defined as being delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing], and a second definition associates it to good fortune, pleasure, contentment or joy.
These attempts to define what qualifies someone as a happy person remain quite obscure in expressing exactly the embodiment of happiness. My own take on the subject would describe happiness as the homogeneous fusion, the chemical combustion between your mind, your spirit and soul that produces a scent of joy, laughter/smile and peace inside and outside your inner being. The key note in here is PEACE. Peace with God (for those who believe in him), peace with yourself and peace with the people surrounding you.
As I was asking myself why I do think I'm very happy, I started considering my life in a completely different angle. I tried to look beyond the obvious that are often cited as pinnacle of happiness: professional accomplishment(income), intellectual capacity (education/school), social ties (elite club or friends), filial relationship (family). I discovered that although i have no assets of my own, I have a roof over my head; although my car belongs to the bank, I have not had any worry about going and coming back from anywhere; although I'm not perfect, I'm surrounded by people that have truly accepted me for who I am and do not hesitate to tell me when I'm wrong; although I'm nearly perfect (yes you read it correctly, nearly perfect :) ) I recognized there's always room for improvement. I have reached a balance of understanding myself and accepting myself and the circumstances I could not change. For instance, it had taken me a long time, despite the excruciating evidences, to accept the fact that I now was a statistics among the millions failed, irreparable relationships . Today having crossed that bridge not only liberated me but empowered me into reinventing myself. I wake up in the morning with peace in my head and peace in my heart.
Happiness is about leading every battles thrown on our paths, celebrating all victories, mourning some losses and still staying true to ourselves, true to the values that we abide to.
So are you [very] happy?


Patrick Jean-Baptiste said...

Good stuff.

Tresor De Beaute said...

Thank you

Prince Hamilton said...

Well like sister like brother. She is just merely imitating her brother.

V said...

I love this post :)

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