Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Advices of A Mother to Her Daughter

Life is zero and you need to learn how to simplify things that happen.
Why would you stop eating because of a man? On the contrary, you should be taking care of yourself even more.
Cook something that you really like, mix some tomatoes with meat and onions and it'll be ready in five min.
Remember if a man is for you, he won't go anywhere. He'll wait for you. You won't have to do anything, just be yourself and stay nice after all it's a woman characters that are more attractive.
Go out, people who stay inside nobody sees them.
If a guy talks to you, just reply with the utmost kindness without showing much interest.
As you know, here in Africa, it's the man who should go towards a woman not the other way around.
You know marriage is not an end in itself, you see all those couples you think there's grand happiness?
Besides, if there's no husband you can still have your child.
Be careful not to embrace that country culture.
Know that you're still young and have nothing to worry about.
Un de perdu dix de retrouves (advice from a father to his daughter)

Thank you mom, I love you!


V- said...

This is perhaps what every young lady should be reminded of, marriage is not the end, there is much more to it than that. Take your time and let the relationship flow, and if it doesnt, let it go and move on. Hold on to what she says, as she's seen it, nothing in life is really that important apart from your health.. so put yourself first, take care of yourself be happy!

Anonymous said...

Your mother is a wise women indeed. She has sum up a lifetime of experience in few sentences. It worth holding her advice dearly.

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