Tuesday, November 10, 2009

From Jesus [De]Generation to Jesus Realization

We were a bunch of Jesus freak as would i have said someone i knew in my past life. So full of zeal, preaching the gospel, dancing, praying, singing, we loved and liked giving our love back to anybody who wanted some. We had committees to organize agapes, our favorite singers where Don Moen and Ron Kenoly among others. We believed God was bigger than us and could take off any obstacle on our path, we believe our faith would move mountain (it had in some cases). If someone insulted us because of our faith, we were happy because we knew were getting persecuted for Jesus. We were young, we were happy, we were innocent. We were smart too, getting our homeworks done, our chores and passing our exams. We were Jesus Generation.
Today, some of us have become doctors, engineers, bankers, programmers, researchers, even preachers. Some got married, got divorced, others got married but couldn't have babies pleaded with God to finally find "answers" from a marabout. Some thought their own husband were useless and found solace in someone's else husband. Others left church once they realized they didn't need God to make it. Some left church because the church did not approve of their fiancée, others stayed in church in spite of everything. Some have developed their own philosophy about God and others have chosen to ignore the bible and live on their own terms. We have become Jesus Degeneration.
Some of us got so beaten up, inside and out, up and down but are still there, we're there hoping for better days, we're there praising for what we have and that will never be taken away from us, we're there praying for wisdom not to repeat the same mistakes, we're there picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off, we're there standing proud of who we are and we still have joy. We're aspiring to be Jesus REALIZATION!!


Anonymous said...

Patricia this is awesome!!!
Maitre talla

Tresor De Beaute said...


Prince Hamilton said...

Perhaps as the founder and leader of Jesus generation I feel a bit disapointed because there was bad news than good news. Nonetheless, I thank God that we have still stood firm and lived our lives as honest as possible before God and humanity. I wish you the grace of God and hope same for the rest that labored with with me in the vineyard. This I have laid before God as a question: do you words come to pass. If so then let the lauds and vespers we utter daily for our brethren bring them the promised blessings inscribed therein.

Irki said...

This just silent me! cool bebe, really cool

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