Saturday, August 21, 2010

Quotes From Tresor De Beaute

When you consecrate (set apart) yourself to God, He holds you to a higher standard. Therefore even the peccadilloes that most people get away with, yours can cost you the promise land.

At times when we feel betrayed, we're not directly mad at the perpetrator but we're mad at ourselves having realized that we were stupid enough, naive enough for allowing the perpetrator in our inner circle in the first place.

The fruit of a true prayer life is the eradication of a negative attitude, the annihilation of destructive criticism and the rise of a continual delightfulness at life.

You can recognize a good tree by the good fruits it carries. Be careful not to confuse green leaves with fruits...Tricky!!

There is no true friendship after a broken relationship.

Although past mistakes help us to learn and grow, they leave stains in our lives that, at times, are hard to removed and hard to ignore.

When you think about your enemies and all you can feel is not anger, nor resentment, but pity, then you know you've reached your upmost point of forgiveness.

Although the battle is not ours to fight, the victory is ours to savor.

It's a mixture of feelings when looking back at your inglorious past: feelings of stupidity when you know it could have been all avoided have you listened to your guts; feelings of contentment because you're in a much better place.

Be wary of white lies as they are a foreshadow of "black" lies.

There are some marriages that should be mourned and some divorces that should be celebrated.

Stay tuned, Stay blessed, Stay beautiful
Tresor De Beaute


V said...

..your quotes are about to feature heavily on my FB in the coming daya :-)

Tresor De Beaute said...

Knock yourself out, V!!

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