Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Starting Over? Start From Scratch: 2 Easy Steps to Total Self-Rediscovery

As I have officially celebrated my 30-1 th birthday, many things can describe my state of mind, spirit and soul.  It's funny how thoughts of joy, happiness, peace, love and hope are sometimes difficult to translate into words. Just imagine yourself bursting into genuine laugh, no worries, no sorrow, no bad feelings (guilt, shame, revenge, unforgiveness, shadenfreude...etc), no crying, just laughing and smiling and dancing, hopeful anticipation, gratefulness. Food on your table, table in your kitchen, kitchen in your home, bills paid, paid with money, money in your bank account. Free time, time to travel, time to see friends and family [home or overseas], time to enjoy life at its fullest, time to count your blessings, blessings from God, God in your heart, heart in your God,WOW!! Indescribable the feelings you have when you know you're living the life you're supposed to live. That's the results of starting over, starting from scratch.
     This year has been simply amazing. It took a while before I reached this point though. Time to go through some reckless decisions, reaping the consequences, then time to entertain some powerful emotional disturbances, reaping the consequences and finally time to get rid of them. I was "lucky", I didn't reach rock bottom: abandoned with a child to raise, drugs abused, sex addiction, nowhere to go,...nothing as dramatic. However I reached a point where I just told myself: "Enough is enough, I'm out!"
     This deepest determination was a strong driving force to propel me back into reality, reality according to the standards I had set for myself and that unfortunately I had deviated from. I remembered where and how the downfall started. I mentioned in one of my previous post that anytime you settle for something or someone that or who goes against your core beliefs, disaster naturally follows [literally]. Once I had acknowledged that and taken actions to reclaim who I was/I am, morphism began. You adopt a different attitude when you realize you're "walking in your destiny" with the assurance and the demonstration that you have God's favor resting on you.

If you haven't laughed at this post's title, then try this link for a genuine outburst.

Peace and Love
Stay blessed, Stay tuned, Stay Beautiful

Tresor De Beaute


V said...

wonderful post.... keep living the life you were meant to live mami! keep smiling!!

Tresor De Beaute said...

Lol, thank you V. Have I contaminated you w/ "mami"? lol

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this Post, like a good old dark chocolate:) Yes indeed those AHA! moments come rarely, and when they do come or better yet when we realize that we are in this wonderful place fill with joy and peace, we cannot help it but forgive those that have hurt us along the way and at the same time we thank GOD for his marvelous deed.


Tresor De Beaute said...

Thanks AN-W :). Totally agree!!

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