Friday, October 1, 2010

Got bad debt? Write it off !!

     Bernie Madoff proved us that crooks are not just the ones  with a mask on their heads and a gun on their hands. They're not just the ones I used to see in Cameroon at Mokolo market, naked and harshly flagellated resultant of popular justice. Like Madoff, they can dress well, smell good, greet us during meeting, be polite and they can also be our Exs. They're basically any people that owes you money, know very well they owe you the money but yet refuse to pay you back.
     Once upon a time I had a Madoff, he refused to pay me back and then justified his behavior by saying he had offered a coat and a back pack to a relative of mine and some other things. While men boast about buying luxurious cars and house to their wives or significant others, he was boasting about a raincoat and a bag which together were worth less than a hundred bucks. Another one, someone else's Madoff, just didn't bother to acquit himself from his debt. Readers, anytime a Man (man and woman alike) prides himself of his amoral deeds, know that there's more to hope from a dead cat than him. For all your Madoff(es), write them off as bad debt.
     Investopedia defines a bad debt as one that is not collectible and therefore worthless to the creditor. Bad debt is usually a product of the debtor going into bankruptcy. Therefore, declare your Madoff(es) rationally  bankrupt and intellectually corrupt, then "forgive the bastard and move on" wrote a mother warrior or as P.A. Hamilton often says "Let bygones be bygones" and let them battle with their own conscience if they still have one alive. After all your peace is PRICELESS.

Stay Tuned, Stay Bold, Say Goodbye n Good Luck to your Madoff(es)

Whatever people think of you will never change your destiny. 
However what you think of other people may change it.-- R.W.

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Prince Hamilton said...

"Go girl, go get them bastards"! People who refuse to pay their debts shows their fiscical irrespoonsibility.

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