Monday, December 20, 2010

2011 Project 3 Revealed

     Hello Friends and Non-friends,
     This is going to be the last post for year 2010. It has been a wonderful awesome year on my end. God's willing, I will take some time in 2011, to look back and reflect with you into my 2010 journey. Increase and growth at all levels, physically: I went from a size 2 to size 4 (to my mom's delight) and in my own terms I went from bony to fleshy; financially: personal GDP of 2%, not a lot (we can blame that on the recession), and spiritually: it was an exponential growth, if I had to write a mathematical function it'd be: f(x) = e^x where x is a real number.
     Well I'm here to reveal to you project #3: TDB is going to rehab, she's voluntarily committing herself to detox against...Soap Operas for 3 weeks!!...That's all she can guarantee for now. How is she planning on accomplishing this? First, by going on vacation to a much warmer place, definitely warmer than the sunshine state. I'll take this opportunity to request prayer for protection and a safe trip [Thank you.]
Of course there's much more to this trip than rehab. God's willing, I'll share tidbits of it with you but not until I'm back. On this note, I wish you all a wonderful, merriful Merry Christmas [the time of the year where we act the way we should the rest of the year~lifeline production], and don't leave out the reason of this season out of your season.

Merry Xmas and see you next year

Stay Tuned, Stay Beautiful, Stay Christmas-y.

Tresor De Beaute (TDB).


V said...

Your mum and I share in that joy!! You blog and company have been both entertaining, lesson filled and thought provoking to say the least.. and that's what I have always hoped for in a friend.

I wish you journey mercies.. and do fill me in on the vacation happenings... :-)

I will miss you for those 3 weeks... be assured!

Tresor De Beaute said...

Lol, mom and you uh!? lol, Thank You V. I appreciate it.

Jessica FOUMENA said...

Happy New Year 2011 Patricia! Lecrae has a song titled "Rehab" I just love!You should look it up on if you haven't heard it yet. GOD bless ya :)

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