Friday, December 10, 2010

Was It Too Late? A True Story of A Dying Man

 It was about 7:45 am and I was getting ready for work when my phone rang: "Allo?"
"Remember Ruben, my roommate? He's dead" blurted the voice on the phone. "Yes I remember him, what happened?".
I had visited this family in 3 different occasions, and have met Ruben during one of those. He was this big chubby and very private person. Aside the time, we got introduced, the only other time I heard Ruben make some noise was one morning during prayer time and Ruben knocked on our wall to make us understand that we were loud.
The day before he passed away, Ruben seemed a little more agitated than usual. He asked for Mr Price and was told that Mr Price had traveled for work and ministry and wouldn't be back until the new year. So he asked for Attorney Lawrence who also works in ministry but on that day was attending a church event. Meanwhile, Ruben was getting more restless, looking at his watch and inquiring about Att.Lawrence whereabouts, wondering when he'd be back, pacing around the house. At one point in time, Zelly noticing his restlessness, inquired about his wellbeing, to which he replied he was fine and that people were coming to pick him up and he needed to speak with Att. Lawrence. He then went on asking about Jesus to Zelly: "How do you know Jesus is the answer? How do you get saved?" She explained to him "Jesus died on the cross for us, you just have to believe and ask him to forgive your sins." Then once again he asked for Att. Lawrence. Several phone calls and sms could not get him back at home until very late at night.
The following day, as Att Lawrence, was wondering about Ruben's request to speak with him, he went into his bedroom, only to discover him bent on his knees, head on the floor, dead.
Was he praying when those "people came to get him"? Did he receive the Only one who can guarantee Peace? Did he accept Jesus in his heart as Lord and Savior? It is impossible to know for sure.

     This will certainly sound like a "whole bunch of garbage" for some and for others just another reason, to despise Christianity or roll their eyes given that Christians nowadays are nothing but examples of backstabbing, jealousy, adulterous closeted gays and lesbians and more. Nevertheless, each one of us is still responsible for our own salvation. Buying a bad cantaloupe from a grocery store doesn't mean that all cantaloupes on the market are bad. To associate with Christians who make bad choices doesn't invalidate the existence of the real good ones that are still out there nor does it invalidate the existence of the Real Good God who longs for a personal relationship with each one of us, wants to share his treasures with us, and above all wants us to live a quality life beyond what we can imagine. The choice is left with us.

Stay Tuned, Stay Beautiful, Choose Well
Tresor De Beaute

Whatever people think of you will never change your destiny. However what you think of other people may change it.-- R.W.

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