Monday, March 7, 2011

Hair Journey: Just like Samson

     I often liken myself to Samson when I think about my hair journey. He was unmistakably very muscular with the most beautiful mane on his head and on top of his game when his heart interest, the apple of his eyes, decided to strike a deal with her peeps to subdue him. I'm/have been in no way as muscular as Samson. But my hair had been long, longer than the average length that my people usually carry until I decided to compromise it.
     Just like Samson, I delivered myself into the hands of my enemies by setting myself up to failure, thinking I'll be fine. Just like Samson, I happened to entrust the best of me to the worst around me.
How many of you know you're never fine when you do the exact opposite of what you know is right?
There are always precursive signs leading to the ultimate downfall. In this hair scenario, it was the use of abusive substance commonly called "creamy crack", followed by bad maintenance. How can one expect to maintain healthy hair when the washing, conditioning happens once a month? How can one expect to maintain long hair when the scalp is under constant stress from tight braiding and other forms of hairdo?
     The consequences of a betrayal, like the one Samson was victim of, can often lead into a state of hair and sight loss. In fact, the sight loss is just the permanent scar, the physical constant reminder of your ordeal whereas the hair loss is the direct effect of the acts of Judah.
     However, as time goes by, the strength that had left you, the hair you had lost, unbeknownst to you, starts growing back. And one day, you notice that the perfect TWA you were rocking now stands imperfectly on your head. The quick washes&gos are no longer that quick. Until you realize that something has changed, you can easily do a different style.

     Hence I was pleasantly surprised to see the length of my hair exactly 3 months after my second big chop. Just like Samson, the favor of the Lord has returned. He is looking again at me, you with mercy. Although we all know what was Samson fate, my own is still unfolding. And I'm feverishly anticipating the ultimate result.


Jessica FOUMENA said...

I am glad to read you're enjoying your journey :)

Prince Hamilton said...

What is that journey: long hair to short hair or artificiality to natural?

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