Saturday, June 4, 2011

Got Hurt? Don't Rebound (Part I)

     Got hurt? Don't rebound. Consider the following before you decide otherwise.
- You're wrapping yourself in a bubble: the bubble keeps you from facing the naked situation: the hurt, the pain, the rejection and the disappointment. Regardless of the cause of the separation from the already dead or dying relationship, it's important to take a step back to consider the damages, damages to your person and to the kids (if there are any involved). Mourn and cry all the tears that your lachrymal gland can afford. If you're the tough kind and would rather talk, then call your board of trustees, lament, rant and whine all you can. This is the period of your life when you're allowed to express your anger, your disillusionment and your failure. Even after that is done, you're still not ready to see someone, you're not ready to date nor to move on. If you do, then
- you're not different from the spider that ensnares its prey, sucks the blood out of it and leaves the carcass hanging. You could be meeting Mr. Right but it won't just be Mr. Right-Now. And what would start as an idyllic connection will undoubtedly expire with an acrid after taste. I remember Clementine who, after the most calamitous heartbreak, rekindled an old flame. It went from steam to hot, then hot to cold in a span of six months. Love yous and miss yous did not wait long to be replaced with yelling and fighting and suspecting. It went from flame to damn. Today, they're not even speaking terms.
- The bubble will eventually burst leaving you in a worse state than the beginning. At this stage, the repressed feelings of affliction and emotional damage, buried under the anticipation of a deeper, not-similar-to-the-last romance resurface. You have no chance to escape, you must confront them and kick'em away or as most of us do, bottle them up and throw the bottle in the river with the hope it'll reach shore at NotInmyHeartTown. That been said, how do you practically do? Stay Tuned for part II

Tresor De Beaute

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