Saturday, September 29, 2007

Testimony From Rio...5th part (English)

Where should I start. There is much to say, and I am not sure that I will be able to tell you everything just through a single email. But let me give you this testimony. Last Monday, I was to preach in church but I did not know which church it was, or what kind of program the church was holding. Since I thought that it was a regular church meeting, I prepared a message of encouragement to share with them. The title of my message was to be the power of persistence.
But when I arrived to the given church, great was my surprise to realize that they were holding a crusade, and the hall was full of people expecting an evangelistic message.
I was a bit embarrassed, and I was running out of time. Something had to be done, I have to change my message, I have to get in line in my spirit with what is happening here. That was what I was telling to myself. Then I start edpraying in tongues, and to allow the Holy Spirit to guide me. Then I start laughing in my inner being, because I knew that as always God was in control, and He knew what was ahead of me even before I knew that I was to preach in the given church. Before, I got on the altar to preach, the pastor call me aside and told me that there has been an accident in which several youths were involved, even some from his church; and he wanted me to pray for these youths at the end. In fact he wanted me to pray for them through their family, because the family were there at the meeting; and some of these families came just to be prayed for.
After a brief message, I called for those who wanted to give their life to Jesus, and following the prayer of salvation, and ask for the sick to come forth. But I did precise that the families whose children were involved in the accident were to be prayed for after. After praying for the sick, I asked for the family to came forth. At that time, the pastor of the church called me in private and told me the hospital just called to let him know that one of the children is dead. The pastor told me :" Please, be careful, one of the youths is dead".

I was disturbed in my spirit; then having call forth the family, I was a bit speechless. But faith started rising in my spirit, and I started to declare some prophetic words upon the families. After that, I prayed briefly for the youths, using the families as a point of contact. When I finished praying for them, I declared some prophetic blessings on the church and went to my seat. Then I told the Holy Spirit, thank you because this is the first dead who is raising as result of my prayer. After the service, people were rejoicing for what happened to them, and there was a lady who was so excited, and where showing her neck to almost everybody. Then I ask to my interpreter what she wanted. And He told me that she has been healed from a painful growth that was on her neck, the growth just disappeared .
While trying to run away from the crowd to have some refreshments, the pastor of the church called me and told me: pastor (that is how they called me), I don't know what has happened. The hospital just called, and they said that they are really sorry. They don't know what has happened. The kid that was declared clinically dead, has came back to life. I just laughed, and told the pastor of the church: Praise the Lord.

I have much more to say about what God did in Brazil.
Yes Brazil, was a life changing experience. This experience is just one out of the many which took place, whether in Brasilia or in Rio de Janeiro.
With Love


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Prince Hamiltion said...

Martial, that was good. Pat, He has not changed at all. He is still skiny as i knew him. That is a powerful tstimony. The God we serve does not change. He still raises up the dead.

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