Friday, February 22, 2008

My letter to the Delegates

Dear Delegates,
I'll like to take this opportunity to express the reasons why I support Hillary Clinton. Aside the fact she's a woman I can relate to, not only has she sustained the most public humiliation a woman can ever know, she chose to support her husband nevertheless, to keep her family united. She demonstrated forgiveness rather than revengefulness, togetherness rather than divisiveness. That's the type of leader that America should want. That's "Change we can believe in". I'm dismayed by the feminist attitude towards my girl Hill. When she wittily speaks and tactfully brings her point across, she's labeled as being not likable or to put in the words of an iowan caucus-goer "she's like a robot". Her track record is proof that she has demonstrated leadership and as a senator from NY, was put in a very difficult position when it was time to cast the vote for the war. Torn between the lives lost during 9/11 and the desire to bring to justice the people who had perpetrated such a hideous crime, I believe she's made the right choice of the moment. The 1993 Healthcare fiasco that the nation adamantly blames on her is merely an indication that back then America wasn't ready for Universal Healthcare. We were a prosperous nation, the job market was booming, Bill Gates was gaining name recognition by the hour world widely, a gallon of gasoline was around a buck if not less, in other words, life was beautiful and we, the American public, said "why fixing something that is not broken?" Today, the dynamics are different, there is too much at stake: threats of a deep recession, the mortgage crisis, rumors of another terrorist attack, this feeling of insecurity looms all over the nation (financial insecurity, job insecurity, etc...). Yes time for change has come and it is physically presenting itself in the person of Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton.

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