Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Preparation Projects

     As the new year is approaching Tresor De Beaute is preparing herself for an upcoming and very important trip,  there will be some changes around her blog. Starting with the new background design. She'll be experimenting before settling. Please send in your comments and recommendations if any. Before finishing this post, I peaked into my inbox and found this comment [in French]: Humm c'est toujours la nouvelle annee la que tu prepares comme ca...Hummm Is that the new year that you're still preparing like that?? So commentator, there you have your answer.
     Tresor will also be revealing what she will be up to for the upcoming year. Lots of exciting news and projects with the central theme: Discipline. So please, stay tuned and enjoy the ride with me.

Stay Tuned, Stay Beautiful, Stay Prepared ;)
Tresor De Beaute


Jessica FOUMENA said...

Hello Beautiful!I like the idea of having your picture in the background. It looks really nice and personal. Suggestions for your new design?Well, just be you!LoL

Tresor De Beaute said...

Thanks Girl, I'm liking it too :)

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