Friday, November 12, 2010

Prepare Yourself for 2011--Part 3

     This is the last series of my three-parter "Prepare Yourself for 2011". And this post will elaborate on one crucial step that you can apply to successfully prepare for the new year ahead of you: Retrospective.
     To retrospect is to look back at past events. The goal is to look back with the most possible objective mind, marking pluses on great things accomplished and minuses on not so great things.
     Then beside those plus signs, list the things or persons that contributed to the success of your accomplishments. Think about the strategies and guidelines you had to put in place to ride this successful operation or plan of yours and re-implement them for your 2011 plans. Thank the people who were there for you.
     Do the same for the minus signs. Mark down those inglorious moments that sparked mishaps and groaning unintelligible sounds.  Learn from your mistakes and other people experience, as Dr Murdock says "Some Learn Best Through...The Rose of Mentorship. Some Learn Best From...The Thorns of Experience". And It's funny how at times, "the older the wiser" doesn't always apply to the entire population but rather to a sample. So careful who you listen to, who you believe in and who you rely on.
     And last but not least, if you haven't done this before, then do it now. Be thankful to God then reward yourself for each one of your successes. Lament your failures but don't give up and ask your Creator for help.
That said, my job here is done. I gotta go prepare myself for some awesomeness for year 2011.

As you're fully and happily living your life, make sure the present you're living will not be the past you'll regret in the future --TresorDeBeaute


Anonymous said...

Humm c'est toujours la nouvelle annee la que tu prepares comme ca...

Anonymous said...

sa augure du bon. Si j'avais pas perdu ton number je callais pour des commentaires a chaud. Mais bon it's live ...

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