Monday, November 8, 2010

Prepare Yourself for 2011--Part 2

     You have to meet certain conditions in order to prepare for a new year, a new job or a  new opportunity. Actually there's only one condition you have to meet: you have to be healthy: healthy in your body and healthy in your mind. I will emphasize mostly on how missing the latter requirement can have many unintended consequences. Most women (I'm not sure about men) in their 20s and 30s get sick in their mind at the wake of an emotional disturbance, either a breakup or a relationship gone south. Usually we women like to get ourselves into projects, just to distract us from the fact that we just wiped out an acute sentimental failure. And this behavior is ingrained into the belief that "the cure to a man is to get another man". Hence we get ourselves into rebounds, going from one rebound to another. So ladies, if you're in this situation, your project/resolution or plan for 2011 is to take time to heal first, face the pain, the hurt and the rejection meanwhile remembering that "Rejection is the proof someone couldn't master you. It's the reaction of the weak to your difference." [DrMM]. Review your morals, review your standards. I know we live in an age of "I'll figure it on my own", the reality is if your car has a problem, you bring it to the mechanic or better to the manufacturer especially if still under warranty.
     Four years ago, I had the best looking convertible in my neighborhood, then the transmission went bad, I brought it to the manufacturer who estimated the repair cost to about $4000.00 (four thousands dollars). The price to pay was too high, I was still a student with a job barely allowing to pay all my bills and my tuition. So I found this mechanic who promised to fix the car for half the price. The mechanic ended up damaging the car [which not only did I lose but paid even more money in the process] by replacing the bad transmission with a different, non matching transmission.
     We do the same thing to ourselves when trying to cure our man disease with another man, when looking for "projects" to distract ourselves from the situation at hand. If your mind, your soul or your spirit has a problem, bring it to The Soul-maker, they all have a lifetime warranty, a prepaid liability sealed at Golgotha two thousands years ago. To prepare yourself for 2011, you have to be HEALTHY first.
I've tried it, it worked, why couldn't it for you?

Stay Tuned, Stay Beautiful, Stay Healthy
Tresor De Beaute

"Your Future Is Decided By Who You Choose To Believe" -- DrMM

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