Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Disloyal "Friend"

If Hillary wins the Democratic Party nomination, it will be huge slap on the face of many of her so called friends starting with Bill Richardson, the current governor of New Mexico. Richardson, before becoming the hideous flabby piece of tissue that he is now, used to play baseball as a pitcher in high school and college. His hard work earned him the election to a newly created third district in NM, then became chairman of several committees. I believe his acuteness in International Affairs stirred the attention of Former President Bill Clinton who, during his first term, appointed him U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, then U.S. Secretary of Energy, post that he kept til the remainder of the Clinton Administration. Now here is 2008, year of the most talked Democratic Presidential Race, the contenders are: a woman, wife of one of his very good friends fierce and tenacious, an African American coming from nowhere (popularity wise of course), a pretty boy who can afford a $400.00 hair cut and a Latino (our guy Richardson). The race grows tighter and rougher, all of them drop but the woman and the African American guy. And because of the long time relationship between the woman's husband and the Latino guy, it almost seems like a given, no naysayers, his endorsement should be hers. But then comes the stab in the back!! It is clear, the mask has fallen and he has revealed his true self!! The endorsement goes to the other guy, the new kid in town...Richardson has "fallen in love" with him, let's not forget, the kid has an easy tongue, and his words are unraveling. I love this quote from the book of Proverbs (was I not a Christian, I would still have bought a bible just to read that book): "There are friends who bring misfortune. A true friend is more loyal than a brother." The Latino had a chance to prove his loyalty, his friendship but he traded it for his egocentric unsatisfied self political ambitions.
Back then when the African American guy was courting the Latino, it was with a promise of them "making history", the odds looked good and seemed to play in his favor but now anything and everything is possible, the race is not over yet and Clinton, the woman is re-emerging...Let's sit, relax and watch!!

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