Saturday, April 19, 2008

Some Dirt on a Pretty Boy

When I read this Brook's Column, I salivated while rubbing my hands against each other. At last a "fair" assessment of the Obama's badness!! Since the beginning of the primaries, I have not even once read or heard anything bad about the guy which has led some people to assimilate him to the Anti-Christ: his charm, his eloquence, his distinguishableness, his Ivy League education, his charisma and him aspiring to the highest office in the world. Journalists were in awe with him, fans were exulting him all over the place and even convinced Straight Alpha-males had developed Gay sentiments towards him.
Whenever I start a political discussion with someone, the very first question is: "who do you support" and without a blink of an eye, I retort: "Hillary"!! And they are stunned cause the next question is: "why?". Why, as in why do I not support Obama who is black like me? And I tell them, before I'm black, I'm a woman and Hillary is a woman, therefore she gets my vote. However if she happens to lose the nomination, I'll support Obama.
Personally, I like the guy, well let's say I like his writings. I've gone through his two books: "The Audacity of Hope" and "Dreams from my father". Though the reading is at the 5th grade level (which is recommended for most books of that kind), the style is very erudite. However his political speeches have left me unmoved, as to me just like any other politician or well rounded individual, he's a very ambitious man who, I believe, has the looks and the means to reach his political goals. But right now, America does not need well seasoned, arousing speeches. America needs a concrete plan on how to get out of the current economical downward spiral, a concrete plan to bring down Gas prices, a concrete plan to end the war in Iraq, a concrete to reestablish America once glorious image, a concrete plan to be once again the dreamland!!


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