Monday, April 14, 2008

Why Rich People Give to Charity/Causes

There was a time I would have frowned upon one of those 'futile' causes (e.g spending U.S $20 millions to build a refuge for abused tigers) advocated by rich people. Today, I believe I know why rich people, regardless of their level of richness give more money to charity or causes than their fellow human beings as individual. Man (this is Man with capital M) is a fundamental wicked untrustworthy creature. Here is a story to illustrate my point. A guy, always in financial trouble, time to time one of his friends or relatives (I don't quite recall) will always bail them out, and each and every time the guy would come up with an excuse not to pay off his debt until one day, over a disagreement with his bailsman friend, he pulled out a gun and shot the friend. Ok, fine it's a fictive story, nevertheless it demonstrates the point according to which, Man in general is just a dishonest creature (of course there are exceptions to the rules). Some of us at some point in life we've faced a similar situation where borrowed money has not been paid back and as my dad always says "De bons comptes font de bons amis" which means "Good counts make good friends". Situations which have made giving to fellow human being difficult. I don't remember the last time I was charitable to a human being but I sure do remember the last time I gave out to a cause: Hillary's Campaign is on top of the list and one of my friends cancer or AIDS walk (I don't remember which). In any case, when it comes to the green monster, I always say: "Money is the root of all sort of evil, help out with the money you don't need and you'll spare yourself some headaches, and give out the money you don't need and you'll get it back in your taxes".


Anonymous said...

Nice one pat.

God bless

Tresor De Beaute said...

Thank you, but can you sign your name so I'll know who it is?

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