Sunday, April 6, 2008


Random House Webster Unabridged Dictionary has nine different definitions of the word pain. The third one is the one I'm interested about: mental or emotional suffering or torment. Pain is one of those emotions, when related it creates into your interlocutor a feeling of empathy. However regardless of much descriptive one can be about their experience of a painful situation, pain remains as intimate and personal with oneself as is the experience of sex. When you think you're alone, its quiet presence reminds you of otherwise, it stares at you and you have no other choice but to stare back. When you share it with other people, it sits at a corner of a room, listens to you and when the people are gone, it comes and sits at the center and challenges you. It's a feeling of helplessness close to depression but not quite, a feeling of hopelessness close to dejection but not quite. It results from the impossibleness of controlling a situation and the worst of pains is the one that one did not choose to face, the one with the source close to your heart, close to a definition of oneself. The process of that feeling is unique to each individual, but common to all is the solitariness that all must face in the experience of it.
If pain was a color, it'd be black and red: Black to represent darkness, sadness, unhappiness; Red to represent: vivacity, stridency, authenticity (people can fake their joy, their happiness but not their pain or sorrowfulness).
If pain was a choice between God and the Devil, I'd probably choose God - God because He claims to be author of everything, including pain.
If pain was a medication, it'd be the "Nivaquine" - Bitter in the mouth and the stomach but strengthening the immune system.
If pain was a coding tool, it'd a compiler - no need to explain.
If pain was an institution, it'd be school - a hassle in itself but a mind sharpener, a character builder.


Prince Hamilton said...

I always need to force you to write good articles. If that is the case then I will be passing here regularly so that you keep writing good articles. Say hi to Pain and tell him, I have made up my mind to leave him behind because I am decided to be happy no matter what people do to me and what life may bring. I have made up my mind never to drown by the ocean currents of life no matter how much the tides and waves may beat me round. When next you see Pain tell him I see him pass by my life but I ignore him and keep facing life with hope and anticipation looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of my faith. For such is my destiny: to be painfree. Would you like to join me?

Anonymous said...

It is not true that suffering ennobles the character; happiness does that sometimes, but suffering, for the most part, makes the sufferer petty and vindictive.

Tresor De Beaute said...

To Prince Hamilton -- I tried to relay your message to Pain and he was in such a hurry to go beat up some other folks that he told me He heard of you and is still figuring out a way to pay you a visit.

To Anonymous (too coward to sign your name?)-- Anger and/or resentment may cause people to be "petty and vindictive". As for pain, it's different dance step. How would s.o who has lost a loved one such as a parent or a child (caused by natural death) be vindictive?

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