Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Blind Side

I love movies, that's my favorite distraction. I love them so much that I absolutely do not mind going to watch them alone. On thanksgiving day, I got to bring one of my dear friends with whom I shared some glorious days. We watched the Blind Side Starring Sandra Bullock. The title could be renamed The Power of Compassion. A very compelling story that makes us count our blessings, makes us appreciate how good we have it and when we realize how much it is, we must share it. On her way home, riding along with her family, Mrs Touhys notices Big Mike walking down the streets under a non clement weather, with no coat on. She takes him to her home, gives him food and a shelter, hires a  private tutor so he can bring his grades up and end up being his legal guardian. Only a heart filled with compassion can accomplish such a thing. Mrs Touhys was a tough cookie too who could stand up to thugs in the streets and yell her way through situations but would scarcely show her feelings.
Provided I live a long time, I've often thought that one day I will adopt (that is of course my partner is on board with it), or at least be a mentor to someone, be a positive influence in their life. Not everybody is cut out to adopt (remember the story of that woman who returned her adopted infant because she couldn't feel any connection?), for some is a good idea worth entertaining, for others it's unconceivable. And not all adoption stories end up like Big Mike who became a successful football Pro. In fact, there's been cases where the adoptees turned against their adopters or would cause such grief that the adopter would regret to have adopted. We heard stories of fathers who ended up sleeping w/ their adoptee child.
Regardless of your stance on the subject, adopters deserve a good round of applause. For not only does it take compassion, it requires some altruism to get out of our cocoon of a life to throw somebody a line.

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