Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hear Me Out

It's a feeling of confusion
It comes upon when you face a very important decision
It's about your wife
It's about your life
It's one thing to know what's right
And another to do what's right
And wrong upon wrong does not right the wrong
That's the only domain where the mathematical formula doesn't apply
Unless there's an intervention of the God on High
But who believes in him again nowadays
We go to church, we sing, we shout, we pray and praise
It just seems that He'd rather get away from us
Leaving us to our demise with no choice but to rely on others: Orpheus, Morpheus or Zeus
It's not a cry for help nor one for explanation
You've already shown us you prefer inaction
We just want you to pay attention invisible Friend
We used to be offended by that but it actually makes sense.
We get it especially when the situation is tense
Any other time, we let it slide
We convince ourselves this works for us and we glide
We glide like on a moon ride
The ride is not always smooth, the other day we ran into a bump
Guess what we did, we jumped
We shouldn't have cuz we broke an arm, a leg and got a bruise on the head
And now we fear the things ahead
Total panic in the ranks
And all we see are blanks
Please bring us some color
Bring us some seemliness of order
How long again should we wait
"Soon, soon, soon", we bet
But who are we kidding here
When are we going to get there
What is our destiny
what do you have for us in the near vicinity
Are you going to mirror us the promise land
Just like you did Moses
Please answer us
Don't send us to Orpheus, Morpheus or Zeus


Prince Hamilton said...

when you abandon your own Bible and take that of God you will be able to hear Him speak to you in a clear voice.

Tresor De Beaute said...

All this time whose bible do you think I had? Pfffiouu...

Anonymous said...

Humm the Picture MAMAMI !!! I don't care about the Bible I care about the Pict.

Irki said...

Sometime I pray
Sometime I don't
Sometime I pray and you answer
Sometime I don't pray and you still answer
Is ti you or the flow of my life?
If it goes right it's you
If it goes wrong it's me
I always blame myself,
You are to holly to share the guilt
Can you really change your mighty mind?
Do you really need my prayers?
Can I live a life without its seasons?
Yet I know you are here and there
A friend not a judge, A lover not a master
I really don't understand you
But I know I love you too.

Tresor De Beaute said...

@Irki, too holy to share the guilt, I like that.

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