Saturday, December 26, 2009

Break Up Lines

I decided to get back with my ex --Y. T.
This is not working out, I've passed the point of blame --TB
You remind of me my ex...Thank you so much as you leave me alone --PA/TB
Yes, I slept with her --PJ
I got issues to take care that I don't want to mingle them with you--PK
I went back home and married my ex girlfriend --GE
You're coming here to see how I live? That will not happen --CT
You and I? Well, there is no you and I. TB
I think we need to break up --V.M.

Regardless of what your break up lines have been, each one of us is a bit of a scientist and as such, "The best scientist is open to experience and begins with romance -- the idea that anything is possible" Ray Bradbury

Ps: Please don't hesitate to share your break up lines here.


Anonymous said...

Break up lines
I need to focus on my career, you know us man are not multitasking --MY

I am not ready to settle down--AN

Why are you in a rush, let take this thing easy, 10 years from now if we are still together maybe we can cement our relationship--SW

Tresor De Beaute said...

Lol, these are good ones.
Anonymous, do you mind signing your name the next time? Thx

Anonymous said...

The last one is not a break up line at all, but is rather the opposite - a limited commitment with the option of a livelong extension!!


Anonymous said...

A serious relationship implies commitment and devotion, and nobody would want to invest on a 10 years layaway item.


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